Vitan er pallurin - forvitni er drívmegin

Sustainable Social Development in the 21 Century – controlling the incontrollable

Our scientific approach

We entitled our research strategy: ‘Sustainable Social Development in the 21 Century – managing the unmanageable. The choice was based on the reality that the whole world is undergoing major changes, a transformation. We usually call this transformation globalisation, which, in plain terms, means that what we took for granted yesterday is already changing again today. This gives rise to great challenges for the Faroe Islands as a society, as well as for research in the fields of history and social sciences, given that it is tasked with structuring, organizing and renewing knowledge of society. That is why we selected the heading ‘managing the unmanageable’.  

The Department of History and Social Sciences is made up of experts in economics, social sciences, history and law and we prioritise interdisciplinary practice-oriented research. Cooperating with other institutions and disciplines, both at the University of the Faroe Islands and beyond, is also of great importance to us; we engage with others to guarantee transparency and innovation in our work.

We view the Faroes as our science lab and the challenges we choose to take up are ones this country, along with other small nations as well as bigger societies, can learn something from. We therefore take a special interest in research grounded in the challenges facing the Faroes, as they constitute a unique opportunity for us to develop special expertise, without loosing sight of the overarching importance of a comparative approach. 

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