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Degree Programmes at the Department of History and Social Sciences

The Department of History and Social Sciences currently offers three bachelor programmes: a History degree and two Social Sciences degrees, one in Social Analysis and Planning and one in Politics and Administration (political science). These are relatively new programmes; the first generation of graduates completed their studies in the summer of 2013.

Our degree programmes are of international standard and comply with the structure and requirements agreed in the Bologna Declaration. This means that our bachelor graduates are fully qualified to continue their education at universities abroad.

For further information on the Bologna Declaration click here.

Studying at the Department of History and Social Sciences

We want curiosity, openness and a critical approach to be the driving forces behind all the courses and programmes we offer. That is why the Department takes an interdisciplinary thematic approach to our bachelor degree programmes, which are practice-oriented and encompass several academic disciplines.

We have chosen this approach, because we believe it offers sound academic grounding, but also because it matches the demand for knowledge on the Faroese labour market, which is looking for individuals capable of seeing the big picture, while possessing the skills and mastering the tools required for in-depth analysis. These same competences are also much sought after on the global labour market.

The way our degrees are structured means that all our students take virtually the same courses in the first two years, which are largely made up of required core courses. The purpose of these two first years is for students to acquire a foundation in theory and method, as well as the ability to work independently, for example by emphasising project work as a learning method.

The third year (bachelor year) is unique to each degree programme, this is when students start specialising.

For brief overviews of bachelor degree programme contents follow the links below:

Social Analysis and Planning
Politics and Administration (political science)
History (small nations and globalisation)

Entry Requirements and Application Forms

An upper secondary diploma with a minimum average of 8 on the marking scale from 00 to 13 is required for acceptance to the Department of History and Social Sciences. Applicants may also be accepted through the Quota 2 Scheme. Application forms and detailed entry requirements can be found by following the links below.

Quota 2:


Quota 1

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