Vitan er pallurin - forvitni er drívmegin

Forms for registration, exams and other purposes

Application to study individual courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology. If you plan to register for one or more courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology, this is the right form:

•    Download the application form to study individual courses in autumn 2012 here

Each academic year, students are required to fill in and submit to the Faculty/School Office the official acceptance of registration to study a degree programme or individual courses (by August 20).

•    Download the acceptance of registration here

Withdrawing from an exam. The deadline to withdraw from an exam is one week before the day of the exam

•    Download the exam withdrawal form here

Re-examination/Make-up exam due to sickness. Students are responsible for arranging a date and time for re-examination with the course leader and must notify the Faculty/School Office.

•    Download the re-examination/make-up exam due to sickness here

Withdrawing from studies at the University of the Faroe Islands

•    Download the withdrawal form here

Enrolment for Ph.D. students

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