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A Toy Boat from V.U. Hammershaimb (1819-1909)

The Faculty of Faroese was presented this toy boat from descendants of dean V. U. Hammershaimb. We dont know when it was built, only that Hammershaimb received it as a present while in the Faroe Islands.
A Toy Boat from V.U.  Hammershaimb (1819-1909)
A Toy Boat from V.U.  Hammershaimb (1819-1909)
A Toy Boat from V.U.  Hammershaimb (1819-1909)

When Føroyamálsdeildin received the boat in the 1990-ies it was not in good shape.  Therefore, professor Jóhan Hendrik W. Poulsen asked boat builder Jógvan Hansen (1930-1998) from Hattarvík to repair it. He consented and decided to use timber of light hue so that it would be clear which parts were new and which were original. Jógvan Hansen also made oars, mast and a tiny baler.

V.U. Hammershaimb was born in 1819 and died in 1909. He collected oral poetry in the Faroe Islands: ballads, legends, riddles, rhymes and proverbs, and he published the material. Most famous is the great anthology of his, Færøsk Anthologi (1891), which also contains among other issues a Faroese-Danish vocabulary by Dr. Jakob Jakobsen.

V.U. Hammershaimb was priest, and later dean of the Faroe Islands, but he moved to Denmark in 1878. He made trips back to the Faroe Islands, the last one in 1893. 

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