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Fróðskaparrit 60 published

In Fróðskaparrit no. 60, there are six peer-reviewed articles, one summary article and one book review. The book is 148 p. Editors: Dorete Bloch and Elin Súsanna Jacobsen.
Fróðskaparrit 60 published

The articles in Fróðskaparrit no. 60:

Dorete Bloch: The use of Fróðskaparrit. – 5 s.  (FO)

Hans Andrias Sølvará: Rebellion in Klaksvík – the employment of a doctor that led to rebellion – 43 s. (FO)

Bergur Djurhuus Hansen: Non-fiction, fiction - or what? A discussion of genre in the writings of K.O.Viderø. – 20 s. (FO)

Eivind Weyhe: The Mountain Passes in Norðradalur – 10 s. (FO)

Rolf Guttesen: Differences between tithe accounts and the material reality behind them – the case of the Faeroe Islands – 13 s. (EN)

Nina V. Denisenko, Elsebeth Thomsen and Ole S. Tendal: Bryozoan epifauna on brachiopods from the Faroe Islands (NE Atlantic). – 18 s. (EN)

Lise H. Ofstad, Torstein Pedersen and Petur Steingrund: Maturation, reproduction and early life history of anglerfish Lophius piscatorius in Faroese waters. – 20 s. (EN)

Höskuldur Thráinsson - review: Jonathan Adams and Hjalmar P. Petersen. 2009. Faroese. A Language Course for Beginners. Textbook. & Hjalmar P. Petersen and Jonathan Adams. Faroese. A Language Course for Beginners.  Grammar. – 14 s. (EN)

The printed version is available in Faroese bookstores, costs 270 DKK. The e-book is available at Vitra, costs 98 DKK.  

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