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Faroese for foreigners

In the autumn semester the University of the Faroe Islands (Fróðskaparsetur Føroya) is again offering courses in Faroese language for foreigners.
Faroese for foreigners

The two bachelor (BA) level courses are as follows:

•    Faroese for foreigners I: In order to enroll in this course, participants are required to fulfill the following entry requirement: Upper-secondary school diploma or equivalent pre-university level qualification.
•    Faroese for foreigners II: Students are required to have completed “Faroese for foreigners I” or to have participated in a summer course in Faroese (at the Faroese Summer Institute).

The aim of the courses is to give students insight in the Faroese language and language use. Main focus will be on the language skills speaking,  listening and reading. Focus will also partly be on writing.

Emphasis is both on the formal aspects of the language and on enabling students to apply theory in practice.

The courses begin on 1 October 2013 and continue until 21 December 2013. Course instructor is Erla Bech Jensen. Hjalmar P. Petersen, Dr. Phil., is course director. The venue is the Department of Faroese Language and Literature, V. U. Hammershaimbs gøta 16, FO-100 Tórshavn.

The courses are designed as blended learning, which means that the delivery mode consists of a combination of distance education and taught classes on site. Students will meet at the beginning, mid-course and when approaching the end of the course. Prospective students submit assignments on a weekly basis. Thus, in order to participate in this course, it is necessary that students (1) have Internet access and (2) familiarize themselves with the virtual learning environment  Moodle.  A short introduction to Moodle will be given in the first part of the course.

Credits: 10 ECTS

Course organisers also welcome applications from prospective students who do not live in the Faroe Islands.

Course books: Faroese. A Language Course for Beginners, 1 & 2.

Tuition fee: The fee for each course is DKK 2500. Payment is required prior to course start.

Examination: On completion of the course, students will sit for a four-hour written examination during which reference materials are permitted. Assessment is internal and the marking scale is Pass/Failed.

Application deadline: 1 September 2013. All applicants will be notified of their application results by 15 September

Hjalmar P. Petersen

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