Vitan er pallurin - forvitni er drívmegin


We carry out research at the University of the Faroe Islands in order to continually develop the level of knowledge at the University and in Faroese society in general. We engage in research in as many areas as academically and financially feasible, while meeting the knowledge generation and innovation interests of Faroese society.

The University of the Faroe Islands is a research and teaching institution; our faculty are held to the same rigorous academic and professional higher education and research standards as members of faculties at other universities in the Nordic region.

In addition to our permanent faculty, adjunct researchers based at other research institutions in the Faroes or abroad are also attached to the University, and both PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers also work at the University.

Researchers at the University of the Faroe Islands participate in a host of research projects with fellow researchers based at other universities or research institutions, both in the Faroes and abroad.

Research at the Department of Education

The main areas of research at the Faculty of Education are education and didactics. We are currently running research projects in reading and literacy among school children, as well as in child and youth culture.

Research at the Department of History and Social Sciences

The research strategy at the Department of History and Social Sciences is entitled: ‘Sustainable Social Development in the 21 Century – managing the unmanageable. The choice was based on the reality that the whole world is undergoing major changes, a transformation. We usually call this transformation globalisation, which, in plain terms, means that what we took for granted yesterday is already changing again today. This gives rise to great challenges for the Faroe Islands as a society, as well as for research in the fields of history and social sciences, given that it is tasked with structuring, organising and renewing knowledge of society. That is why we selected the heading ‘managing the unmanageable’.  

Research at the Department of Nursing

Research is a relatively new activity at the Department of Nursing. However, research and development are high on the list of priorities at the Department and are also integrated into our overarching strategy. It is vital that both lecturers and students contribute to ensuring; that the knowledge we draw on during the degree programme is based on the latest findings in research and development.

Research at the Department of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology engages in scientific and technological research; most of which is carried out in cooperation with other research environments, in the Faroes and internationally. 

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