Vitan er pallurin - forvitni er drívmegin

Faroese Summer Institute 2018

An International Summer Institute in Faroese Language and Culture will be held at the University of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, in August 2018. About 35 students can be admitted. Teaching will be in two groups based on students’ language skills.

The time-limit for application will be announced around June/July 201´7.

The academic programme includes lessons of Faroese grammar and language exercise in addition to lectures on linguistic subjects, culture, oral poetry, modern literature, society and nature.

Students who pass the test held at the end of the course are awarded a certificate that states they have completed 10 ECTS in Faroese (ECTS = European credit transfer system. One semester’s fulltime study equals 30 ECTS).

Application form:


The tuition fee for the course is DKK 6500. This covers instruction, some materials and the excursions. Students must expect to buy textbooks and dictionaries for approximately DKK 1500. The fee does not cover any travel expenses apart from the organized excursions. The fee is payable in Danish currency.

Accommodation can be arranged for those students who wish to rent a room in a private home for approximately 3500 DKK.

Accommodation for family members is not available.

No meals are available in the private homes, but there is access to kitchen. Students can expect to spend about 200 DKK a day on food expenses. 

See list of hotels and guesthouses at Visit Faroe Islands

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